Russell Brand: Sexual Freedom and Purity Obsession

Russell Brand is an English comedian whose fame in the U.S. took off after hosting the MTV Video Music Awards in 2008. English comedian Russell Brand. 10 March 2008. Brian Solis. Flickr Many of his remarks about issues going on in the states have caused controversy, but not many bothered to explore his reasons behind them. … Continue reading Russell Brand: Sexual Freedom and Purity Obsession

Weight Discrimination: Hate is Hate

This article examines the discrimination people receive, regardless of body type. It is unacceptable for one category of people to discriminate against another; especially, for the purpose of revenge. When people of one size drag down those of another, it's a mirror of what they themselves have experienced. People should come together in support of … Continue reading Weight Discrimination: Hate is Hate

The Reputation of Queen Anne Boleyn

An article on Queen Anne Boleyn's life, the way that society views her, and her famous relationship with King Henry VIII. What is known of Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII comes from a combination of historical texts, myths, and popular culture portrayals. Anne Boleyn necklace from Etsy. Photo by Social Thoughts. King Henry VIII succeeded the throne after his … Continue reading The Reputation of Queen Anne Boleyn

Christina Aguilera: Domestic Violence Survivor

Summary: Christina Aguilera found release from domestic violence through music. Now, she uses music to speak out against it. Christina María Aguilera was born to parents Fausto and Shelly on December 18th 1980 in Staten Island, New York. Raised in Wexford, Pennsylvania, Christina's life was surrounded by violence. Fausto abused and terrorized his family, until Shelly … Continue reading Christina Aguilera: Domestic Violence Survivor

Coco Chanel’s Feminist Progress Through Fashion

Summary: How Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel changed the face of fashion by challenging gender restrictions in women's clothing. Madsen, Axel. Chanel: A Woman of Her Own. Holt Paperbacks. 1991. Famous for rebelling through fashion, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel broke down barriers in the fashion industry for women. She used masculine wardrobe to express herself. Taking the comfort of … Continue reading Coco Chanel’s Feminist Progress Through Fashion