30 Seconds To Mars’ Banned Video for “Hurricane”

Six months before the popular Fifty Shades of Grey hit bookstores was the release of a 30 Seconds to Mars music video featuring BDSM themes for their song "Hurricane" in 2011. From the album This Is War, Thirty Seconds To Mars' video "Hurricane" premiered on MTV on November. 29th, 2010. It was banned by several networks on the … Continue reading 30 Seconds To Mars’ Banned Video for “Hurricane”

Overcoming the Stigma of Being No Contact with Family

I have been no contact with my family since 2021, after moving to another state. Childhood Experiences of Shame In Middle School Home Economics, I was venting aloud to my friends about my father. Another classmate decided to interject his opinion of what I was saying by shaming me, even though I was speaking the … Continue reading Overcoming the Stigma of Being No Contact with Family

The Last Christmas with my Mom

The fact that people came to our house meant that my mom was special for living here. She was providing an environment in which no other relative could replicate: true family history. I used to love this fact. I wanted to help make others feel like they're coming home for Christmas, too. I used to feel genuine joy from seeing relatives I don't normally get to see. Every year, I would send them thank you cards, commenting on how I hope to see more of them during the year, as well. I thought I had a real family.

A Trauma Survivor’s Experience with Therapy

Trigger Warning: Psychological and physical abuse, and suicidal thoughts Why don't I post more often? I want to! I have a lot of old blog posts from HubPages that could use a good revision or two and would be better housed here. Perhaps, eventually; or, I will write entirely new content. My main struggle when … Continue reading A Trauma Survivor’s Experience with Therapy

Gender Politics Pie: An Analysis of the film “Waitress”

The film Waitress (2007) was written and directed by Adrienne Shelly; a strong advocate for women's rights. Adrienne wrote the script about her own feelings at eight months pregnant. Society paints it as a time for joy and excitement; however, she mostly felt afraid and guilty. She wanted to shed light on the unspoken apprehension that comes as … Continue reading Gender Politics Pie: An Analysis of the film “Waitress”

Stop Silencing Domestic Violence Survivors

A look at why society needs to stop dictating how and when domestic abuse survivors tell their stories, using my own experience. An Announcement: Domestic violence is not an unknown issue. It's not a recently made popular subject covered by the news. Society has known it happens for quite some time. Nonetheless, those who don't … Continue reading Stop Silencing Domestic Violence Survivors

Christina Aguilera: Domestic Violence Survivor

Summary: Christina Aguilera found release from domestic violence through music. Now, she uses music to speak out against it. Christina María Aguilera was born to parents Fausto and Shelly on December 18th 1980 in Staten Island, New York. Raised in Wexford, Pennsylvania, Christina's life was surrounded by violence. Fausto abused and terrorized his family, until Shelly … Continue reading Christina Aguilera: Domestic Violence Survivor