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My site covers a variety of topics. To make it easier to find something that my audience is interested in, I have divided the subjects into this easy to navigate menu.

I hope you enjoy!

Abuse and Violence
Trigger warning: discussion of domestic violence

Film, television, music and more analyzed.

Economy and Finances
Articles related to money, class, and economy.

Education Articles on education, teaching and learning.

Articles on age and its impact on society.

Gender and Sexuality
People and events discussed in detail through a sociological lens with focus on gender and sexual identity.

Gothic Subculture
Information on the Goth scene; Personal experience and opinions as a long-term Goth.

Health and Wellness Diet, exercise, illness and more are covered in this section.

All things horror.

Music Noteworthy musicians and singers.

COMING SOON: Pets and Animals Discussions and information about animals, both domesticated and wild.

Public Figures Famous people worth knowing about.

Race and Culture
Topics involving racial and/or ethnic identity and culture.

Religion and Spirituality
Articles on religion and spirituality.