The Devil: Lucifer vs. Satan vs. Satanism

Who and what is “the devil?” Is it the fallen angel, Lucifer? Is it Satan? Is it the focus of the practice of Satanism? Are these things even related?

Blake, William; Satan Calling up His Legions; National Trust, Petworth House;

Lucifer was considered God’s favorite angel, until he demanded more. Before you think this is still sinful behavior, remember, angels are not mortal.

What if we thought of Lucifer as God’s former secretary? To be honest, that’s pretty accurate.

Are secretaries supposed to willingly remain in the lower positions, forever; even if they could handle more responsibility, and a higher salary? Is it wrong to want more for yourself and work to get it? Most secretaries will confess to knowing more about a business than their bosses. Upper-management power has a habit of making lazy and demanding individuals, instead of being inspired to do more work. Before you know it, the low-status employees are smarter, and the bosses are practically brainless.

If anything, Lucifer was promoted for disobeying God; yet, we’re told to interpret it as a warning. It’s like God saying, “Thanks for telling me off, after not giving you a raise. I’m angry, but I’m also special enough to give you a private office for your own business. I’ll pay for everything!”

Satan is not merely “Lucifer.” Satan used to be “the satan;” the one opposing the so-called good guy or lesson in the story. Simply because someone disagrees with a leader does not make them wrong by default; that would be monarchy; however, Christianity rejects free-thought. The leaders know that if they allowed it, people would probably figure out how much the religion contradicts itself. For example, Christianity promotes “love thy neighbor.” What they really mean is “love thy like-minded neighbor.” Any group that reprimands those who do not agree with them in order to keep control is not to be trusted. No society can progress without exposure to diverse views.

Atheistic Satanism

Anton LaVey founded The Church of Satan in 1966. While I am not a member, I have studied it. Knowledge is power, and I have known a few followers. Satanists do not acknowledge the existence of the Christian God or the Christian character known as Satan. It’s all symbolic. It’s a philosophy more than a religion. What “Satanism” implies is the opposite of Christianity.

Everything Satanism stands for questions the foundation of Christianity: The unspeakable fact that without Satan, Christianity would have to rely on its charm to thrive. Since it was unsuccessful on its own, it needed something or someone to scare people into backing it in order to gain popularity. In fact, dualism is not originally Christianity’s idea, either. It was Zoroastrianism’s. Christian leaders saw how successful it was; therefore, they added that to their plan, and it took off.

“Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years!”

Anton Szandor LaVeyThe Satanic Bible

Personally, I find Satanism as a whole to be kind of silly. Plenty of people oppose Christianity without needing to follow something like that; however, I will admit that it is intelligent idea, and could be appreciated by anyone who would want to study the weaknesses of the Christian religion without getting caught up in the propaganda. For example, the term “turn the other cheek” is the exact opposite in Satanism. If someone wrongs you, you do not forgive and let them hurt you a second time. You stand up for yourself. You cause the other person more pain than they caused you, physically and/or psychologically. It’s basically the human response without any preexisting laws that require the person to think twice about the consequences. Not all Satanists take lessons such as that one literally, nor are they genuinely violent.

Plagiarism of Mythology

The characteristics of Satan in Christianity were plagiarized from ancient paganism. In paganism, the gods are as flawed as humans, while as beloved as any god would be. Can you imagine believing in the gods without fear that thinking for yourself is a bad thing? That’s paganism, baby!

Hades is the Greek god of the underworld. The underworld is where the dead are judged for their wrongdoings. Does this sound familiar? After Christianity took over, the story was not only plagiarized in the bible, but added to in the Book of Revelation. Apparently, Jesus came down and took over, conquering Hades. Isn’t that convenient? I think it’s time that someone took the bible’s story in a way that takes the power back from the Christians. I wonder how angry they would become.

Pan is the Greek god of fertility, and a goat. To make this character evil, his horns and goat form were rewritten and reinterpreted as symbolic of the devil. In reality, as with all pagan gods, he represents nature; hence, being an animal. Some depictions show him as a playful guy.

If goats are evil, petting zoos must be even more evil. Dr. Evil was telling the truth!

Pan teaching Daphnis to play the flute. Marble, Roman copy after an Hellenistic original. Pan’s and Daphnis’ heads and Daphnis’ right arm are restorations. Public Domain.

Poseidon is the Greek god of the ocean. He is often pictured with a pitchfork a.k.a. Trident, which he uses to control the sea. What better way to destroy the image of a pagan (nature) god than to turn his tool into something evil? Obviously, moving water with a pitchfork is dangerous. I mean, he might accidentally kill a fish with that thing! Such violence! Think of the children!

Set is the ancient Egyptian god of chaos. He was the only wrong-doer of his three other siblings: Isis, Nephthys, and Osiris. In a jealous rage, he killed and divided the body of his popular brother, Osiris

Cain and Abel, anyone? That is for another article!

While Set did some wrong acts, he isn’t considered bad. Paganism isn’t so black and white.

Of course, Set’s skin is red, like Satan is depicted. Remember: people of color are not to be trusted. White folks certainly aren’t projecting their own fears of foreigners. White people are merely terrified of how people of color will take over the world and oppress them. After all, history has totally shown this to happen, repeatedly. Likewise, even though Jesus is from Jerusalem, it makes sense that he’s portrayed as fair-toned in churches. That doesn’t make Christianity racist, at all. That would be crazy.

Juan de Juanes, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

What It’s Really About

Ever since I learned the truth about the connection between paganism and Christianity, during high school, I stopped feeling guilty for being drawn to the Goddess. Yes, I used to fear Satan/the devil, whatever, once upon a time. Yes, the first commandment scared the hell out of me. Pun intended.

Fortunately, I was able to explore my spirituality. Today, I follow the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis. Unlike many white Christians, I don’t picture my Egyptian Goddess with fair skin, like mine.

Goddess Isis statue. Photo by author.

I know that most Christians, especially fundamentalists, will always be offended by what I say. Nonetheless, when I talk about plagiarism by Christianity, I do so with love for the manipulated followers who do not deserve to be brainwashed the way I was. I wish that someone could have told me before I felt guilty for one second for following my true spiritual path into paganism.

This article is my first of many about Christianity’s plagiarism of ancient paganism.

My goal is not to offend; truthfully, I find Christianity insulting. I feel that the disrespect by the organization should offend anyone who wishes to follow the Jewish hippie character that Jesus is made out to be. He is supposed to promote peace and love, after all.

Editor’s Note: This was originally posted by this author in 2015 on HubPages. It has since been revised and republished here.

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